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At Tiffany Talent agency we represent both highly experienced talent, and brand new talent in the professional acting and voiceover business.  If you have a drive to be in showbiz, we are happy to talk about representing you too!

Basic Requirements:

AGE: Our minimum age requirement is age 5 for superstar young kids. Age 6 or 7 is normally a good age to get kids involved in professional acting. We do not work with children under 5, except for very special circumstances (ie. if we already represent the parent or sibling). We work with adults in any age range.

1. At this time we are only accepting Actor submissions from talent that permanently reside in our active market. This includes Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia (yes, that’s Canada). If you do not have a permanent residence in this area and spend at least 6 months of the year here, we cannot consider representing you at this time.  We do not accept LA based talent that are “willing to work as local” in the PNW, or talent that live outside the Pacific NW.

2. We ARE accepting “voiceover only” talent requests at this time, but with a strong bias towards talent that live in the PNW.  Since most talent on our VO roster are physically located in our market areas, they all cross-over to both on-camera and voiceover work, so it’s very efficient for us. If you are located outside of the PNW, we will still consider experienced voice talent with a quality recording studio, and ISDN/SourceConnect ability is preferred. Please include your Name, and “VO” in the subject line of your submission email, with your demo and any pertinent links. Due to the volume of submissions we receive, assume it may take 2-3 weeks for us to respond, and we will not respond if we do not believe that you are a good fit for our roster.

3. If you have acting materials or media, please email your materials to, immediately after filling out the form below. If you do NOT have these materials already, that’s totally OK, just mark ‘No Experience’ on the form below. We are only asking about experience in the acting & VO world. Singing, dancing, stand-up comedy, customer service, doing impressions, dealing with children, or making faces in the bathroom mirror  do not count as real experience in world of paid acting. They may be parallel industries, or seem like acting to you, but are not the same world as professional acting. Submitted Materials could include: Headshots, Acting Resume, Reel (links), Website, IMDB link, VO Demo, comp card, or any other related information.

4. Please do not write in, or copy/paste, your entire acting resume into the form below if it has more than 5 credits. Long lists of the shows you’ve been in are difficult to read. If you have enough acting experience to have a long list of acting work that you have done, please email your acting resume separately. (see #3 above).

5. We do try to reply to every person that reaches out to us, but sometimes that can be a daunting task. We get many submissions every day. Please be specific and forthcoming with your information below, and we will try our best to respond quickly. It may be hours, or it may take a few days, but if you do a good job selling yourself, we’ll be in touch.

If you are a SAG or AFTRA union member in good standing, please click here!

Application for Representation:

If you do not take the time to read the directions above and follow them, we will probably not respond to your submission. Sell yourself. We’re not going to be very excited about spending time talking to you, if you’re not even willing to write in complete sentences and tell us about you, and why we should represent you.

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Tiffany Talent is a full scale booking talent agency for both union and non-union acting, modeling, and voice over talent in the Northwest.


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