We Love Independent Film!


Independent Film is the heart and soul of the acting industry. If you are casting for an independent film, we would love to work with you! We have lots of great acting talent AND we understand the budgetary limitations of most independent film productions. As an agency of primarily actors, we support what you are doing and we encourage our represented talent to be involved as much as possible for their own experience and resumes.

With that in mind, we also understand that most independent film productions have little to no budget, and what you have is usually reserved for equipment rentals and production needs. Often, talent agencies don’t work on unpaid projects, but we’re willing to help! For independent film projects, we offer all the same services as we do for commercial projects, for no commission. That’s right… Free! We also encourage our talent to work for little to no fee.

That’s Crazy you say! Who does that? You’re thinking “What’s the catch?”… Here it is. We ask for two things.

1. Treat our talent well, acting is a tough job. Actors put in years of work training to do what they do, they pay out of pocket for photography, classes, and transportation. They work in the rain, snow, cold, and heat. They spend hours memorizing scripts and more hours practicing their lines. They work hard to do what they do. We simply ask that you respect and appreciate our talent on set and off. Give them a few days to prepare for the shoot and a proper script to memorize. Have some snacks on set when it runs into the 4th, 7th, or 12th hour. If you can, give them a few bucks for gas money, and please make sure they get a copy of the final film once it’s done.

2. Please understand that we can offer our services to you for nothing BECAUSE the Northwest has a thriving commercial market that pays talent well and allows us to pay our bills. We have commitments to our commercial clients for some VERY short timelines, so we occasionally may ask for a little patience to get you a submission or schedule talent to your audition. If we’re in the middle of a large job (or more likely 5), we may need a day or so to be able to get back to you.

Thats it! That’s all! It’s easy! You can email your casting breakdown to seattlebooking@tiffanytalent.com or click here to go back to the talent booking page. Please mention you are casting an independent film on the form. We hope to hear from you soon!

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